Overview of student-level data collection in schools (February - June 2011)

  • The data collection in schools took approximately 75 minutes.
  • Grade 5 students were given a consent form and survey to take home to parents. The Home Booklet can be downloaded in English and in French.
  • Upon consent, students were asked to complete two short surveys. The Food Frequency Questionnaire can be downloaded from the Harvard School of Public Health. The Student Survey gathered information from the students on physical activity, screen time and mental wellbeing.
  • Two trained evaluation assistants led students through the surveys. Students were asked to have their growth and development measured privately behind a screen.
  • Health promoting school teams or a lead teacher/administrator was asked to complete a short survey for their school. The tool can be downloaded here.
  • After each school visit, Grade 5 classroom teachers were given a resource envelope that includes a free lesson plan that corresponds to the Grade 5 health curriculum outcomes. The lesson plan can be downloaded in English and in French.

How did we share the results of the research?
Principals in all schools received an individual and confidential school report. Each school report has a variety of helpful resources in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing, and building community/school relationships. These data may help to inform improvements in health promotion and support your school improvement and/or accreditation plan. Where possible, school results are compared to the provincial averages in 2003 and 2011. We encourage schools to share this information with the entire school community, especially those individuals who are involved with supporting health promotion activities. A mock report is available in our Research Tools.

Case study schools
In 2012, the CLASS II team conducted case studies with 9 schools across the province to learn more about the different factors that influence the implementation of health promoting practices in Nova Scotia schools.