Research Tools

CLASS II HPS EvaluationTool
Health promoting school teams or a lead teacher/administrator was asked to complete a short survey for their school.
    file: CLASSII_HPSEvaluationTool.pdf
Class ll Home Survey English
Grade 5 students were given a consent form and survey to take home to parents. The Home Survey gathered information about parental support and sociodemographic factors.
    file: CLASSII_HomeSurveyEN.pdf
CLASS II Student Survey
The Student Survey gathered information from the students on physical activity, screen time and mental wellbeing.
    file: CLASS_II_Student_Survey_-_EN.pdf
Class ll Lesson Plan English
After each school visit, Grade 5 classroom teachers were given a resource envelope that includes a free lesson plan that corresponds to the Grade 5 health curriculum outcomes.
    file: CLASSII_LessonPlan_EN.pdf
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