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McIsaac JD, Read K, Veugelers PJ, Kirk SFL (2013)

Purpose: To qualitatively explore the factors preventing and facilitating implementation of the Nova Scotia Health Promoting Schools approach.

Key findings:
  The barriers included increasing demands on the education system, political and financial obstacles and obstructive community culture. The facilitators included having support from top-down policy, internal school leadership and a supportive school culture.

   Considering the significance of deeply-rooted traditions that cultivate unhealthy cultural norms and differing values and ideas for health promotion, a ‘ground-up approach’ is needed with support and commitment from all school partners. Fostering partnerships and engaging multiple school stakeholders in decision making can help to transform the culture embed health promotion into school community norms.
Additional Information:
Additional Information: CLASS_II_Publication_Update-Policy_inventory-final.pdf