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McIsaac JL, Sim SM, Penney TL, Kirk SFL, Veugelers PJ (2012)

Purpose: To describe the context and nature of policies that relate to school health in the province of Nova Scotia. 

Key findings: At the provincial level, formal policies (55%) were more common than other policy categories. These policies ranged in health topic areas, such as safety (25%), mental health (20%), physical activity (13%) and healthy eating (12%). At the school district level, the vast majority of policies were formal in nature (95%) and most frequently focused on the topic of safety (50%), followed by mental health, physical activity, healthy eating and substance use and misuse (17, 11, 8, 7% respectively).

Conclusions: Although there are supportive health promotion policies within school settings, we observed differences in priorities and enforcement practices between the province and school districts.

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