CLASS is a province-wide research project that looks at the relationships between health, nutrition, physical activity, mental health and school performance of children in Nova Scotia.

In 2003, CLASS I was led by principal investigator Dr. Paul Veugelers and collected information from over 5000 grade five students and their parents in 282 of the 291 elementary schools in Nova Scotia. These research findings were shared with different stakeholders and provided support for a variety of policies and programs in Nova Scotia, including the Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Schools and the Nova Scotia Health Promoting Schools Program.

Since 2003, schools across Nova Scotia have taken action on school health. In 2009, a dynamic research team led by the nominated principal investigator Dr. Paul Veugelers (University of Alberta) and co-principal investigator Dr. Sara Kirk (Dalhousie University) received funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (FRN: 93680) to conduct CLASS II to understand how these changes have influenced children's health and school performance by collecting similar information from students in Grade 5 in 2011. With support from 272 schools across the province, CLASS II successfully completed data collection in 2011 with over 5,500 Grade 5 students across Nova Scotia.

We are currently analyzing the results of CLASS II and will be reporting new results in our Resources page.


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